Hobart GRanite countertops

If you are thinking it’s time for a new and improved kitchen countertop upgrade for your home then it’s time to visit Rockcounter! Rockcounter is known all throughout Indiana as being the number one choice in stone countertops. We have earned our title by focusing on what is the most important and that is providing premium kitchen countertops and exceptional customer service to our clients. Rockcounter granite countertops are offered in multiple different options and with price ranges to suit every design budget. Rockcounter promises to have the stone countertops you are looking for no matter the size of the space you are looking to make improvements in. Our kitchen countertop showroom features every available option Rockcounter has to offer. You have the opportunity to see and touch the stone countertop products to help with making your design decisions. In addition to sampling all of our amazing granite countertop options we have everything you’ll need from cabinets, sinks and accessories to complete your kitchen. This exceptional service is what keeps Hobart area residents coming back to Rockcounter!

Hobart granite counter tops

If there is one thing that we love at Rockcounter, it is our returning customers. We are pleased to see so many of our Hobart clients return for granite countertop upgrades, services and accessories. Hobart is a growing city in Lake County Indiana with a vast population approaching 30,000 residents. At Rockcounter we are happy to see our local Hobart clients visiting out state of the art stone countertop showroom. Rockcounter kitchen countertops are on display for you to come in touch and compare our stone countertop options to help you chose what will work best for your upgrade. Rockcounter design teams goes all out to bring your granite countertop design vision to reality. Come in and experience what Hobart residents keep coming back for with Rockcounter!

Hobart Kitchen Countertops

The design specialists at Rockcounter are with you from creating the kitchen countertop design concept all the way through the finalized installation project. The Rockcounter designers have several years of stone countertop experience and the competitive pricing ability to create a plan to maximize every piece of your budget. There is something to say with the attention to detail you get when choosing a customized granite countertop design through Rockcounter. Whether you are seeking the latest trend in kitchen countertops or looking for a highly detailed impressive stone countertop design, Rockcounter has you covered! It’s time to let the design professionals at Rockcounter bring your granite countertop vision to reality. Stop in to our incredible stone countertop showroom and see all Rockcounter has to offer you in kitchen countertops, cabinets, sinks and every accessory. Call us today at: (219) 515-2170. Your new upgraded kitchen countertops are ready to be installed with Rockcounter!


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