Quartz Countertops

We Carry Every Major Quartz Brand offering Up To 60% Off All Countertops

Our Quartz is premium quality with plenty of styles to fit any space. Our team can work with you to find the perfect slab for you. We also offer a wide variety custom edge finishes that can really make your counter top pop. These non porous counter tops will be perfect for the modern kitchen with minimal maintenance. for more on our pricing look in the link at the bottom.

Q Premium Natural Quartz is a natural quartz surface made by an optimal fusion of quartz and resin materials. Q is naturally beautiful yet incredibly durable. Treated and pressed, natural quartz stone is one of nature’s hardest minerals.

Q combines sleek contemporary styling with demonstrated strength and performance. Q is scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and is offered in an array of modern colors providing a beautiful and discerning countertop solution for Homeowners, Architects, and Designers alike. Backed by a Residential Lifetime Warranty, Q’s extreme durability makes it ideal for today’s kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Q Premium Natural Quartz surfaces are the ultimate integration between natural and manufactured materials giving it superior function over granite.

Color. Creativity. Endless Possibilities. These are the words used to describe VICOSTONE Quartz Surfaces. By understanding Nature in all its forms, VICOSTONE has brought together the scientific combinations necessary to provide depth and dimension to all of their luxurious and elegant offerings. Our surfaces offer customers innovative possibilities and endless inspiration in a variety of applications including table surfaces in offices, commercial countertops, anti-acid surfaces in laboratories, kitchen countertops, bar tables, vanities, and surfaces in surgery rooms at hospitals… to name a few. This is just a small selection of our Vicostone inventory. For our full selection email is at Sales@rockcounter.com

With a continuous proactive approach to producing over 40 innovative colors and textures Caesarstone consistently provides a premium quartz surface with remarkable style and endurance - complementing a design application, from classic to contemporary. Nonporous, stain, scratch and heat resistant and backed by a residential lifetime warranty, Caesarstone is the ideal surface for kitchens, vanities and more. This is just a small selection of our Caesarstone inventory. For our full selection email is at Sales@rockcounter.com

Natural quartz is one of nature's hardest surfaces. In fact, it's twice as hard as granite. HanStone Quartz is not only a high-performing surface, but is also a luxurious, durable, low maintenance surface product which offers a few advantages, including Non porous material and bacteria resistant. As well as easy maintenance and chip + scratch resistance. This is just a small selection of our Hanston inventory. For our full selection email is at Sales@rockcounter.com

Silestone is the world's leading natural quartz surface – a superior stone for myriad interior surfacing applications because of its ideal combination of beauty and practicality. Silestone features a range of more than 65 unique colors, so no matter what your taste or style, we've got the perfect fit. This is just a small selection of our Silestone inventory. For our full selection email is at Sales@rockcounter.com